Daily Topic for November 24, 2006

1 Sam.28:16, 18
"Samuel said, 'Why do you consult me, now that the Lord has turned away from you and become your enemy? .... Because you did not obey the Lord...the Lord has done this to you today.'"

Saul was so desperate for advice that he bade a spirit medium call up Samuel from the dead. But Samuel reminded Saul that it was his own disobedience, not lack of advice, that had caused God to reject him. Remember that Saul’s catastrophic disobedience had seemed to him to be merely incomplete obedience. God has also given us certain commands, and Christ’s last command was the Great Commission. Many Christian leaders today are reaffirming the scriptural truth that unless we who are spiritually and materially blessed are more completely obedient in reaching the unreached peoples, God may take His hand of blessing from us, just as He did from Saul.

Forgive us, Lord, and give us joy as we learn to obey Your commands completely.

Arabs and Bedouins in Yemen

What did the prophet Mohammad do to spread Islam? He hired a poet, Hassan ibn Thabit, to spread the word and compose poetry against other poets and tribes who refused to acknowledge Islam. There is a long tradition in the Arab world of leaders turning to poets to spread their ideas, especially to the largely pre-literate tribal groups.

Yemen has long been known as a breeding ground for extremism, but the country’s most famous tribal poet, Mashreqi, says “Other countries fight terrorism with guns and bombs, but in Yemen we use poetry. Through my poetry I can convince people of the need for peace who would never be convinced by laws or by force.” For years Yemen’s rulers have relied on poets to take the government’s message into remote areas where regular soldiers and officials feared to go. 

Mashreqi says, “The Yemeni people are very sensitive to poetry… . If poetry contains the right ideas and is used in the right context, then people will respond to it because this is the heart of their culture.” Wouldn’t poetry be an excellent venue for spreading the gospel in Yemen?

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Pray that God will raise up Christian Yemeni poets who will share the good news with tribal people through poetry, their heart language.-JS

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