Daily Topic for November 21, 2006

1 Sam. 20:23
"May the Lord make us keep our promises to each other, for He has witnessed them."

Those at home never know just how much the missionaries overseas truly rely on their promises to pray. Even when they are sent out to work with a national church, missionaries still have problems of loneliness and culture shock. But when they go to an unreached people, they enter into situations where they are invading Satan’s previously unchallenged territory. He will attack them in many ways beyond the expected culture shock. If those at home who promised to pray for them do not keep their promise, some of these missionaries may experience severe defeat in their personal lives or public ministries. But earnest, continual prayer can make the difference.

Dear Lord, help us who stay to recognize how vital we are in the battle for the unreached. Teach us to pray!

Middle East Media (MEM)

“I am not exaggerating if I say that God sent you to me at the right time.”

“You speak to my heart and give me hope.” These are some of the comments that Middle East Media (MEM) receives on a regular basis. MEM was born in 1972 through the efforts of a small group of Western missionaries and Arab believers. Their goal was the production of media based on biblical principles for distribution throughout the Arabic speaking world. In the beginning the thrust was mainly publications. Although that ministry still does exist, advances in technology and new opportunities have given rise to radio and TV production.

The prospect of beaming television programming from a distant location led MEM to envision the Middle East’s first Christian satellite TV station, SAT-7. In Middle Eastern culture God is regularly brought into the equation in all aspects of life and culture, including TV. This openness to “God-talk” enables MEM to produce programs that compel viewers to think about God’s grace, love and mercy. MEM produces award-winning TV/video programs for children. The videos are distributed in commercial outlets, public libraries, and at media and educational fairs where families purchase resources for their children.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for God-anointed programming to attract viewers and convince them of God’s love, forgiveness and salvation through Jesus. Pray that Muslims will be drawn to Jesus through these resources.-JS

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