Daily Topic for November 16, 2006

1 Sam. 14:15
"There was a trembling in the camp, in the field and among all the people."

When the Spirit of God moves in power, none are able to stand in opposition. Because of the daring faith of Jonathan and his armor bearer, God was able to bring about a victory so great that the entire camp shook. We are reminded of the promise that “one of you shall chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight” (Deut. 32:30). We may think that our ministry will never amount to much, but if we faithfully follow Him, God can take the seemingly insignificant and multiply it greatly among the nations.

Dear Lord, in our own strength we can do very little. Let Your passion for the unreached so burn in our souls that through us You can shake the nations.

Sunni Muslim Negev Bedouins in Israel

They love and hate each other though they have different religions. The 110,000 Bedouins of the Negev in southeastern Israel are entirely Sunni Muslim, yet some of them serve in Israel’s military. These soldiers attract so much hostility from the Muslim communities that, at least in one case, a Muslim cleric refused to perform a funeral for a Bedouin soldier.

Why would Muslim Bedouins serve Israel? One can build a good case that these Bedouins are not given their fair share of roads, schools and health care, but they probably have more than they would if they switched their loyalty to Palestinian Muslim groups.

Negev Bedouins would prefer to till the land than live in towns, but the Israeli government has given them townships, not farmland. Without the knowledge or means to develop their economy, there is a high unemployment rate among these Bedouins. Who is willing to live among the Negev Bedouins and share the glories of Christ with them?

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Pray that God raises up believers who will share Christ and help Negev Bedouin communities to develop their economies so that their spiritual and physical needs are met. Pray that the Negev Bedouins will prosper both physically and spiritually, and give the glory to Jesus Christ.-KC

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