Daily Topic for November 15, 2006

1 Sam. 14:7
"Do all that is in your heart.... Here I am with you according to your desire."

We often glamorize the role of a brave, daring leader like Jonathan, but we must not forget his faithful, committed armor bearer. It would have mattered little for Jonathan to bravely approach the enemy garrison if his weapons were not readily available. Today we need thousands of “armor bearers” to stand behind frontier pioneers. These may never leave their homeland. But they will faithfully supply the “weapons” needed on the front lines-intercessory prayer, financial support and personal encouragement.

Dear Lord, may we who stay be able to say to those who go, “Do all that is in your heart…. I am with you!”

El Arish Bedouins

In spite of himself, Ahmed screamed as he ran down a street lined with brick and stone shops. As the building targeted by the terrorists burned, Ahmed kept looking behind himself, hoping the police hadn’t arrived. He wasn’t a terrorist, but the Egyptian police usually rounded up all of the young men of his people group each time there was a terrorist attack.

The El Arish Bedouins live in a sensitive border area of the Sinai, near Israel. A lack of drinkable water adds to the anger that leads many El Arish Bedouins to desperation. Unemployment runs 30 percent among this people group. Anger and hopelessness draws many young men to radical Islamic groups who offer what they call solutions to daily problems. 

Christians are almost unknown among the El Arish Bedouins. Without the hope of salvation and life to the full that Jesus offers, many of them look in the wrong places for answers.

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May God break the hold militant Islam has on this people group. Pray that God would send faithful workers to reach out to the El Arish Bedouins. There is an open door for community development workers to reach out to this people group. Pray that many loving Christians will use such opportunities to provide godly answers for the El Arish Bedouins.-WK

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