Daily Topic for November 14, 2006

1 Sam. 14:6
"Perhaps the Lord will work for us. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few."

The Israelites were paralyzed by fear. They were intimidated by the Philistines’ vast superiority in numbers and weaponry. Nevertheless, Saul’s son Jonathan maintained his confidence in Yahweh. Willing to take a risk, he summoned his armor-bearer and made his way up the mountain to a Philistine outpost. There God gave him a tremendous victory that catalyzed a rout of the entire Philistine army. God still honors this kind of faith. As you confront Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations, what bold steps is He asking of you?


Arabized Berbers in Egypt

The Arabized Berber shepherd led his bleating sheep across the trackless desert, toward the watering hole beyond the blue, cloudless horizon. He had been there many times and knew he wouldn’t get lost. The shepherd sighed, feeling as though his soul was lost in a trackless desert. Islam provided only empty rituals that left his soul thirsty. The shepherd had heard of Jesus Christ but only as a prophet. He didn’t know Jesus could fill the void in his heart. 

Like many ethnic Berbers in Egypt, this man is very Arabized. This means that his primary language is Arabic, and culturally, he is somewhat Arabic and somewhat Berber. For the Berbers, Arabization occurred in three overlapping stages. During the first stage, Arabs invaded their North African homeland during the 7th century. During the second stage, Bedouins arrived in such numbers that the Berbers were becoming marginalized. These Bedouins took much of the Berbers’ grazing lands in the plains areas of North Africa. The third stage of Arabization came when Arabic-speaking refugees arrived from southern Spain in the 15th-17th centuries.

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May God open doors for reaching out to the nomadic Berbers of North Africa. Pray that God would break the hold Islam has on the Berbers of North Africa. May God use dreams and visions to lead Arabized Berbers to salvation. Pray that God will satisfy the spiritual thirst of the Arabized Berbers in Egypt and other parts of North Africa.-WK

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