Daily Topic for November 13, 2006

1 Sam. 13:11-14
"`...you did not come within the appointed days...so I offered the burnt offering...' And Samuel said, `But now your kingdom shall not endure.'"

How often have we, like Saul, thought that doing what God said seemed to be foolish, untimely, or unacceptably inconvenient? God had said that only priests from the tribe of Levi were to offer sacrifices. But Saul couldn’t wait. He couldn’t trust God to act in time, but compulsively insisted on his own way. In the task of world evangelization it is crucial that we trust God not only for what to do, but also how and when. God is not obligated to bless our compulsive activity.

Dear Father, we want to hear Your voice and follow You closely. Thank You for leading us by Your Spirit.

Domari Gypsies of Egypt

The Domari Gypsy man sat on the floor of the Alexandria airport terminal, blowing on a musical pipe. He hoped tourists or rich Egyptians would be drawn to his sad, haunting tune. Perhaps someone would throw some coins into the bowl he’d placed next to him on the floor. Being a Domari Gypsy this was one of the few legal ways he had of making a living, thanks to the discrimination in Egypt. Like every other member of his people group, he knew of friends or family members who had turned to crime to support themselves. 

The Domari Gypsies are related to the Gypsies of Europe and speak a dialect of Romani among themselves. Many Domaris have learned Arabic but have trouble passing themselves off as Arabs because they have different customs and are at best nominal Muslims. Centuries ago they migrated to Egypt and other parts of North Africa from India, but have not become a part of the dominant culture.

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Pray that God will raise up faithful workers to reach out to the Domari Gypsies of Egypt. May God open the hearts of this people group to the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can enjoy life to the full as He promised to those who obey Him.-WK

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