Daily Topic for November 10, 2006

1 Sam. 10:22
"Behold, he is hiding himself by the baggage!"

What a place to receive God’s call-hiding in the baggage! God was adequate to equip Saul for his calling, but Saul could never know God’s adequacy until he was willing to be used. Many members of the Body of Christ today have been chosen and called for service to the nations of the earth. Yet gripped by fear or preoccupation with their own inadequacy, these messengers of life often hide in the baggage of other pursuits. How they, and we, need to be reminded that God’s power can accomplish what His wisdom demands.

Pray that God will direct His Church to identify and thrust forward in ministry those whom He has called as missionaries to unreached peoples.

Jerba People of Tunisia

A small island off Tunisia, Djerba, has virtually no source of fresh water for drinking or farming. The sparse rainfall collected in basins and cisterns is the main source of drinking water. Near the few sources of underground fresh water, scattered farmers grow olive trees and maintain small family garden plots.

Some Jerba inhabitants manage to make a living by fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, using rods and nets. But the largest source of income derives from the men who leave their families on the island to work on mainland Tunisia. Typically, they stay for nine months at a time, sending money back to their families on Jerba Island.

Most of the Jerba laborers speak only their own language, isolating them from the Tunisian Arabs. So whether on their island or in Tunisia, they are poor and probably lonely for their families. 

Ninety-nine per cent are Muslim, so they have no hope of a Savior and no assurance of reaching heaven. There are no known Christians among them, no missionaries and no Christian resources in their language.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them a spiritual thirst for Living Water. Pray for Christian resources to come to the Jerba people.-JWS

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