Daily Topic for November 06, 2006

1 Sam. 5:3
"Dagon had fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of the Lord."

Despite Israel’s abortive attempt to use the ark as a fetish, God would not permit His glory to be diminished. The ark represented the presence of the Holy One before whom the crude Philistine idol could not stand. God has always been determined that His Name be exalted among the nations, and He will not allow the faithlessness and failures of His people to defile that Name. But, oh, how His heart is glad when His people represent Him with joy and holiness!

Father, find us to be faithful ambassadors.

Riff Berbers

Miriam slipped from the house, swathed in traditional coverings, just long enough to pick a flurry of pink oleanders for the house. There, among the stands of cedar forests and eucalyptus, they stood startlingly out of place-a satellite dish and next to it, a glassy black solar power collector raising its face to the sun. Contrasts are sharp here in the land of the Riff Berbers! 

Technology is advancing and opening a porthole of light in a spiritually dark place. Due to recent Bible translation efforts and radio broadcasts, nearly 70 Riff Berbers have found salvation through Jesus Christ in this land where 99 percent profess Islam. It is an old saying, however, that Islam surrounded the Berbers, but never conquered them. Islam is a pervasive force in village life, but it does not appear that hearts have truly embraced it.

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Pray that God would destroy the spiritual strongholds that hold this people group back from Jesus-bright and inviting as the oleander, and just as deadly. Pray that thousands of Riff Berber hearts will embrace Christ through the efforts being launched in the area of media ministries. Pray for these 70 precious Riff believers: for protection, fellowship, guidance, and deep faith. -PE

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