Daily Topic for November 05, 2006

1 Sam. 4:3
"Let us take to ourselves from Shiloh the ark of the covenant of the Lord, that it may come among us and deliver us from the power of our enemies"

Worship of Yahweh had degenerated into superstition. It was not the ark of the covenant which would save Israel from their enemies, but the God of the Covenant who fervently desired to redeem them-and their enemies too! Their misunderstanding of God’s heart not only resulted in the loss of the ark and the defeat of their army, but it also made it all the more difficult for the nations around them to come to know God’s lovingkindness and tender mercies. It is true today, as then, that “blessing all the families of the earth” is the surest way to make our enemies into friends.

Father, teach us not to trust in horses or chariots (or missiles and bombs) but to take Your gospel to those who hate us and to therein find our security.

Imazighen /Mid Atlas Berbers

Fatima cringed at the sacrifice of the young sheep, but she knew it was a necessary ritual in the naming of her newborn brother. Her brown hair swung in the sunshine as she danced to the flutes and stringed instruments. Other children joined her. Soon she would not be a little child anymore and would cover her head with the traditional Islamic scarf. 

The Imazighen, translated “free people” are actually not free at all. Ninety-eight percent of these people are labeled Muslim, but only about 20 percent of those actually practice Islam. The rest only wear the label and the dress and follow meaningless traditions. 

The Imazighen, also known as the Middle Atlas Berbers due to their location near the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria, are the second largest Berber people group. Their surroundings appear so similar to those of Bible times that the movie, “Jesus of Nazareth” was filmed there. Yet the Imazighen are not free to put their trust in the Nazarene. Like most cultural Muslim peoples, they consider it to be a betrayal of their people to turn to Christianity.

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Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send many workers to minister the gospel in this land, and that the chains of spiritual darkness will be broken. Pray that Christian radio broadcasts will be sent and that the Holy Spirit will sweep across the Atlas Mountain region with the blessings of Christ.-PE

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