Daily Topic for November 04, 2006

1 Sam. 3:1
"Word from the Lord was rare in those days, visions were infrequent."

How dark and cold those days must have been. After the spiritual callousness characteristic of the period of the judges, a faithful minority in Israel must have experienced a great longing to hear God’s voice and to have a prophet among them once more. We today have every opportunity to know God intimately. We not only have the written Word but can also know the Living Word, the Son of God. Yet among 10,000 people groups around the world, word from the Lord is not just “rare,” but also dim or distorted.

Father, bring the day when “the knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.” Use us, we pray.

Ishilhayn Berbers

“You call us Berbers, but we call ourselves the “Ishilhayn,” the surprisingly fair-complexioned girl said to a visitor. Though Berbers love freedom, they have rarely experienced it. The Romans conquered them, and called them “barbarians,” thus the name Berber. Two hundred years after the demise of the Roman Empire, an Arab Empire emerged and brought more external control to these freedom loving people. They have not enjoyed freedom from the Arab peoples ever since.

Today thousands of Ishilhayns have moved to the West or to the cities in order to find work. Many, however, still live in the dirt-hewn huts that have been family homes for centuries. 

Having seen the results of hedonistic secularism in European visitors, Berbers see value in the Christian faith for Westerners, but cannot accept the idea of a Berber straying from the Islamic religion.

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Earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit will send revelation to every Berber subgroup; that God will provide protection for new believers; and that entire families will turn their allegiance to Jesus. Pray that God will call many missionaries from around the world to learn the language and minister the gospel to the Ishilhayn peoples. Pray for lasting fruit to come from the JESUS Film in Berber languages.-PE

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