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1 Sam. 2:8,10
"For all the earth is the Lord's and He has set the world in order.... He judges throughout the earth..."

Hannah’s song was her celebration of God’s answer to her prayer. She acknowledged that God humbles the proud and exalts the humble, often reversing the fortunes of men and women in demonstration of His sovereignty. She affirmed that God cares for the “little people” of the earth who are often scorned by the mighty. And Hannah rejoiced that the scope of God’s power and care is nothing less than the ends of the earth.

Savior, we praise You for Your tender concern for bypassed peoples. Make Your love our own.

Gospel Missionary Union (GMU) Efforts

In 1950, Miss Swan joined a mission station started by the American agency, Gospel Missionary Union (GMU). This agency was a much better fit for her. She worked long hours moving from tent to tent distributing medicine and teaching literacy. She was becoming proficient in the Shilba dialect, and winning lifelong friendships with Shilba believers. She started to think about translating Scripture portions and radio broadcasts into the Shilba dialect. 

When Morocco gained its independence from France in 1956, it was uncertain whether or not missionaries would be permitted to stay. By 1966, Swannie had begun in earnest the preparation of Scriptures for use in the Berber radio programs with the help of Shilba believers. A year later she was forced to leave Morocco. 

Her work moved to Corsica, a French island, where she and her Berber colleagues continued the work of translating and producing radio broadcasts. There she stayed until 1979. By that time, Shilba broadcasts were regularly being heard in Morocco through Trans World Radio (TWR). Swannie also had translated most of the Gospel of John.

Nearing 70 years of age, it was time for Swan to move her work to Malaga, in southern Spain, where she could be cared for by a group of like-minded believers. Her work there did not change. For her final 10 years, Swan remained on the front line of the Shilba work through prayer until she passed away in 1999.-KC

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(From The Touch of Love: A Biography of Mildred Swan, by Elsie Newman, Publish America, Baltimore, 2005)

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