Daily Topic for November 02, 2006

1 Sam. 1:20
"...She gave birth to a son, and she named him Samuel..."

Samuel would become an important leader of Israel, bridging the era of the judges and the period of kings. At this point in Israel’s history, the nation had already repeatedly experienced the cycle of disobedience, discipline, and deliverance, yet leaders and people alike only dimly acknowledged that God’s purpose for them was to bless the other families of the earth. But God is the God of new beginnings, and Samuel’s leadership gave Israel new opportunity for renewed faithfulness to the “bottom line” of the Abrahamic covenant. Have you considered changes in your life or family situation as an encouragement to expand your focus of concern?

Father, use disruptions in our lives as reminders of Your eternal purposes.

Sunni Muslim Arabs of Morocco

Swannie finished her training at the Bristol School of Theology in 1941, and she was ready to go to Morocco. But World War II was in full swing, and it would be another three years before she could get transportation. So she settled down to teach elementary school and learn patience in the process. At last in 1944, she managed to board a ship bound for Morocco. It was one of a convoy of 80 ships, and was protected by the Royal Air Force! 

In Morocco, Swannie was assigned to a mission station situated at the foot of the Middle Atlas Mountains, home of the Shilba Berbers. She regularly made trips to visit Berbers, and grew to love and respect these hospitable people. She commented, “I see them always through a lover’s eyes and approach them with the touch of love.” 

The best way to reach any Muslim people is through friendship. So Swannie spent much of her time with the Berbers, learning their language and winning their love.

While home on furlough four years later, she was given a shocking ultimatum by her mission agency. For her safety, Swannie was expected to travel only with a colleague when she went to the mountains. She would have to stop her work with the Berbers, because there were no other British missionaries going to them. She had to resign, and wait.

Pray that the Lord will direct mission leaders and missionaries to do what He has for them.-KC

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