Daily Topic for November 01, 2006

1 Sam. 1:12, 13
"Now it came about, as she continued praying before the Lord...Eli thought she was drunk."

Hannah was so intent on asking God for a son that her earnest petition at the temple of the Lord was mistaken as drunkenness. When was the last occasion that we so earnestly poured out our hearts before the Lord that others thought we were less than sane, sober and self-controlled? The living God invites us to not only bring our personal needs before Him, but also calls us to passionately intercede for those outside the sphere of our immediate concern.

Oh Lord, impress us so deeply with Your heart for the world that we are moved to pray with great earnestness and perseverance.

Jewish People in Morocco

Mildred Swan knew what she wanted to be in 1920 at age 10: a missionary. It sounded like a saintly thing to do for a British girl whose family raised her in the ways of the Lord. As she reached college age, she wanted to become a teacher, and her father would only pay for her college education if she promised not to marry. Why pay for tuition if she is going to marry and quit her teaching career after a year? Not interested in marriage at that stage of her life, she glibly agreed.

College provided a hurdle to young Mildred’s unchallenged faith. Ironically, it was a college in Brighton, the same place where Hudson Taylor once felt God’s defining call to start a new mission agency, Mildred began to doubt her faith. Freudian psychology and Darwinian thinking were in vogue, and her professors wanted to make sure the students understood the latest beliefs. Putting aside her faith, “Swannie” as she was now called, began to experiment with drinking, smoking, dancing, and flirting. 

But this did not last long. Browsing through poetry in a bookshop, she came across the poem, “The Hound of Heaven,” and decided to return to her first love. She turned her back on her hedonistic ways and applied for a position with the British Churchmen’s Missionary Society.

Pray that the Lord will bring many wayward believers back to their first love this coming year.-KC

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