Daily Topic for October 29, 2006

Ruth 4:13-17
"So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. And the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.... And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David"

Through this woman of Moab, who was willing to leave her own people and become part of the people of God, the Lord brought a son who was the grandfather of the great King David and an ancestor in the line of Israel’s even greater king, the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, Matthew’s gospel lists Ruth as one of three Gentile women (along with Tamar and Rahab) in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. God’s love for Gentiles, stated in the Abrahamic covenant, is beautifully displayed in this wonderful story.

Oh Lord, touch our hard, selfish hearts with Your wonderful love. Make us a blessing to the families of the earth so different from ourselves.

Muslim Sindhi People in Pakistan

“...Some of our politicians and families are mysteriously disappearing!” The Pakistan man was cautious but truthful. He was answering questions that were being asked by a Human Rights representative who was attending the 2006 meeting in Karachi, Pakistan. “We are hard workers, and our Sindhi Province earns 72 per cent of Pakistan’s total revenue, but we only get to keep 19 per cent of this. Our share of water has been reduced from 23 to 11 per cent. This is causing loss of our food supply. Job opportunities are denied to us and our lands are being grabbed by the armed forces under the guise of ‘service for the nation.’ The government is forcing us to fight!”

Numbering almost 18 million, the Sindhi people are the second largest ethnic group in Pakistan. Most of these are Sunni and those living in rural areas practice traditional folk Islam. They often combine some Hindu forms of practices in with Islam. They do not accept any form of evangelism from outside sources, especially from Christians.

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Pray that the recent problems between the Pakistani government and the Sindhis will be resolved with justice. Pray that God will open doors for Christians to bring the Good News to these Sindhi people.-PD

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