Daily Topic for October 26, 2006

Ruth 1:16
"Where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God"

Naomi fully expected Ruth to return to her homeland, where idol worship was accepted and expected. She even encouraged her daughter-in-law to leave! Yet, Ruth had come to believe in Jehovah, the God Naomi worshiped. Through Naomi’s quiet faith, this “outsider” had come to faith in the one, true God. She didn’t want to go back to her old way of life-she had found something far better! Ruth represents the sincere seeker in every nation whose heart yearns for truth and reconciliation with the Living God.

Pray that God will open our eyes to the spiritual hunger of those from other cultures and give us the wisdom to know how to lead them to the One True God.

Waigeli Nuristani People of Afghanistan

Back and forth, back and forth the mother applied the heel of her hands to the lump of dough in a rhythmic motion. Then, covering the dough, she ventured outside to the nearby woods to pick up kindling wood from beneath the trees. She frequently turned with a furtive, watchful glance to the forest pathway to be sure no enemy warrior was sneaking up on her. Once her bundle grew to a good size, she trotted back to her house. After awhile she would make the fire to bake the risen dough. Her husband provided yoghurt from the animals he herded as his share of responsibility for their meal.

This is a daily routine of the Waigeli, a sub-group of Nuristani peoples who live in northeastern Afghanistan. The Waigeli, unlike other Nuristani groups in Afghanistan, are composed of two classes: lower class artisans and upper class landowners. Islam was introduced to both groups during the seventh century but did not become the religion of the majority of the Waigeli Nuristanis until two centuries later. Almost all of the Waigeli are Sunni Muslims.

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Pray that God will send sowers of His Word to the Nuristani peoples soon. Pray that Nuristani believers will find ways of banding together in fellowships that will serve as light to the other peoples of Afghanistan.-MC

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