Daily Topic for October 23, 2006

Jud. 21:25
"In those days Israel had no king; and everyone did as he saw fit"

And so ends the book of Judges. This period in Israel’s history was filled with shame, confusion and despair. The Lord Himself was supposed to be the king of this kingdom of priests. But the people given this high calling repeatedly dishonored His Name by worshiping false gods and doing what they saw fit to do rather than obeying their king’s laws. It is easy to judge them for their disobedience when we read Judges. But don’t we do the same today when we do as we see fit rather than obey the clear command of Scriptures to glorify God’s Name among every nation?

King Jesus, we want to bring You glory. Teach us to obey You and to honor, not shame, Your Name among the peoples.

Work Among Uzbeks

(A testimony of a Central Asian worker given to the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship)

It is rare for a Tajik lady to be crossing the border alone and in the company of a stranger. So when I was told that I would have a taxi driver that I had never met before, I responded to the news by becoming physically ill. I have learned, however, that when I become anxious about coming trials, the Lord is about to do a great work. Soon after I got into the taxi, God called to mind all that I had seen Him do in Uzbekistan during my visit and my ailments dissolved like the darkness in a Central Asian sunrise. I found myself sharing with the stranger in the front seat during the entire trip to the border what Jesus had done for me over the last nine years. The waters of life poured out of me into the heart of the taxi driver. 

Two hours later, right before the border, the driver stopped the car. His whole body was shaking and he was determined to meet this Jesus. I asked him to join me in prayer that Jesus would come into his life. What followed is that a stranger became a brother and another Uzbek came into the Kingdom. Later, I was able to give him the information so that this new child of God could soon become part of an Uzbek fellowship.

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Pray that this woman be protected and have the chance to win many Muslims to faith in Jesus.

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