Daily Topic for October 13, 2006

"Give me this hill country..."

Praise God for Caleb! The seasoned warrior of the army of God was not ready to retire, even though he was 85 years old. “I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out (45 years earlier); I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.” What a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Praise God today for those who see “retirement” as the opportunity to pitch in full-time, helping somehow to penetrate the final frontiers of the gospel. These enthusiastic older soldiers of the cross bring a mature, and greatly needed, perspective to the battle. Pray that God will give us an army of wholehearted Calebs.

Pray that they will use their latter years as a time to help bring the peoples of the earth to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ.

Kurds of Turkey

Thousands of Kurdish villages were destroyed in Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim Kurds were sent to eternity. Millions of Kurds were displaced. All of this has happened because of fighting between Kurds and the Turkish government in the 80s and 90s. Now violence is accelerating once again. One student involved in recent clashes said, “When we say we are Kurds and want the law to recognize that, they say to us that there are no Kurds and there is no Kurdish problem.”

Kurds are a majority in 16 southeastern provinces of Turkey, but they face prejudice, low wages, and high unemployment. In response, many are joining the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which the United States and the European Union consider a terrorist group. 

There have been recent casualties on both sides-Kurdish and Turkish soldiers. The current Prime Minister acknowledges the Kurds’ problems and says he will make changes, but many do not believe his promises. A Kurdish mayor of Kiziltepe, near the Syrian border said, “So many promises were made and not fulfilled.”

There are also sizable Kurdish populations in Iran, Syria and Iraq. Here too, they often fight against the majority people, resulting in death and destruction.

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Pray that government leaders will address the grievances of their Kurdish citizens with wisdom. Ask God to intervene before more Muslims are sent into eternity unprepared to meet their Creator. May Christians show love and lead Kurds to faith in Jesus. Pray for a strong Kurdish Church in Turkey and Iran.-AK

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