Daily Topic for October 11, 2006

Josh. 7:9
"The Canaanites and the other people of the country will hear about this (defeat) and they will surround us and wipe our name from the earth. What then will You do for Your own great Name?"

At first, Joshua’s response to the defeat at Ai predictably focused on the shame and reproach it brought to Israel. Then Joshua realized that the defeat would encourage the peoples of Canaan to despise Israel’s God as well. Are we, as God’s people, aware of the impact of our sin and disobedience on the nations of the earth today? Are we concerned about the scorn our spiritual weakness brings on the name of our God? Are we concerned enough to repent, confess our sin, and seek holiness?

O God, use us to bring glory, not shame, to Yourself. Your Name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

Shi’ite Muslim Azeris of Azerbaijan and Iran

Of all the people groups we pray for this month, the 7,800,000 Azeris may be the hardest to put in a box. Are they Turkic or are they Persian? There are various controversial hypotheses regarding their origins and genetic linkage. Did their ancestors come from Europe or the Middle East? Historians believe the Azeris are descendants of ancient Iranian people such as the Medes and Scythians. Turkic invaders later swooped down into their homeland. Some of these Turkish peoples stayed, and their influence is felt everywhere. But in terms of religion, they are more influenced by Iran than Turkey; most have adopted Shi’ite Islam rather than the more popular Sunni version of the Turks.

The Azeris are facing several challenges in today’s world, some of which you can read about in the newspaper. They have suffered deaths from the bird flu. In May, a major newspaper in Iran was shut down after they published a cartoon depicting the Azeris as cockroaches. Reacting to this insult, the Azeris in Iran rioted. In Azerbaijan, Azeris enjoy large oil reserves, but political corruption has left 40 percent of them below the poverty line.

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Pray that Azeris will allow Jesus to guide them as they face daily problems.-CI

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