Daily Topic for October 09, 2006

Josh. 6:2-5
"See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once for six days. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times.... Have all the people give a loud shout"

This certainly seemed like a strange formula for victory. But God’s promise was based on His knowledge that all the earth is His. God didn’t always use such an unusual approach in giving Israel victory over the peoples of Canaan. Usually the men would simply go to the battlefield and fight. But the victory was always the Lord’s. So it is when we take the gospel to the peoples of the world. Sometimes God will move in unusual ways to bring sinners to repentance and believing faith. At other times His messengers must work for years and even decades before seeing fruit from their labors. But the victory is always the Lord’s.

Lord, help us to recognize Your hand at work. Give us the patience to persevere with hope in evangelizing unreached peoples.

SAT-7 Farsi Broadcasts

The newspapers tell us daily of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and of its president’s inflammatory statements, but they do not tell us of the spiritual thirst of the Iranian people. SAT-7 (satellite TV) reports that when presented with the gospel, 70 percent of the people want to follow Christ. This predominantly young generation is searching for answers, especially when they see Muslims killing Muslims.

In Iran, 30 to 40 million have access to satellite television. SAT-7 broadcasts two hours a day in Farsi, Iran’s trade language, but they are praying to expand to 24 hours. The responses have been overwhelming. Letters pour in and routinely tell about having dreams and visions of Christ.

One young Iranian man, badgered by his Christian friend, finally agreed to pray to Jesus. He said, “...Jesus, it is up to you to prove to me you are real.” That night he had a vision of Christ on the cross saying, “My son, I love you. I am doing this for you.” Immediately he gave his life to Christ.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will mightily use SAT-7 to bless thousands of Iranian Muslims. Pray for the many house churches in Iran, many of which are in a time of praying and fasting for the spiritual needs of their nation.-JS

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