Daily Topic for October 07, 2006

Josh. 5:2
"At that time the Lord said to Joshua, 'Make flint knives and circumcise the Israelites again'"

The Israelites were on the move. They had crossed the Jordan and were camped a short distance from the mighty walled city of Jericho. What a seemingly inopportune time to incapacitate all the warriors for an entire week! Yet for God to save them, they had to be holy. Circumcision was not an inconsequential religious rite. It was the God-given sign that Yahweh had set them apart for a special purpose. As His covenant with Abraham had stated, God intended to bless Abraham’s descendants and to reach out through them to all the families of the earth. And here is the lesson for us: we are not equipped to march ahead into victory until we are reminded of the purpose for God’s covenant and of the requirement that we be holy.

Father, make us holy people as we move ahead into the victory You will win among the peoples of the earth, bringing many men and women to faith in Jesus Christ and into responsible membership in His church.

Sunni Muslim Arabs in Iran

“They wouldn’t!” Fadilah searched her sister’s eyes for reassurance. “Oh, but they would.” Amira nodded. “After the bombing intended for the Iranian president, the government is discussing whether to settle Iranians amongst us to dilute our population and our cause.” “We are such an Arabic speck in the Iranian population, how can they care what we do?” “We might be small in numbers, but we are noisy and active about our discontent. We are a bee in the sleeve of the government. They will find a way to stop us.”

The Arabic population of Iran is only three percent, but they are settled on most of the country’s oil reserves and don’t take quietly the discrimination and oppression they endure. Bombings and sabotage of some minor oil facilities have been their mode of expressing their dissatisfaction. In January they set off a bomb that killed eight people.

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Pray for the souls of these 2,000,000 Arabs. They are perhaps on a precipice of great danger if the government decides to “deal” with them. Pray that the gospel will penetrate their hearts, that each individual will have the opportunity to hear of the Savior. Pray that the Holy Spirit will hover over them, doing a creative work of softening and wooing them to salvation. May Fadilah, Amira, and young Arabic people like them be delivered from the blinding veil that covers their heart and eyes, and may the Lord Jesus reveal Himself to them in a mighty way.-PE

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