Daily Topic for October 05, 2006

Josh. 4:5-6
"Each of you is to take up a stone...to serve as a sign among you"

As the people of Israel moved through Canaan in obedience to God’s will, the landscape became littered with unusual piles of rocks. They were left here and there by the people of God as memorials to God’s special deliverance or provision in times of need. Today God is creating new kinds of memorials - not piles of rocks, but “living stones,” people who know Jesus Christ and are banded together in congregations of His Church throughout the world. Every new congregation that is established should further encourage us to reach out to the final frontiers where no church exists.

Dear God, use us to raise up thousands of new churches-“living memorials”-to Your power and greatness among unreached people groups around the world.

-Iranian Jews

“Israel must die!” screamed the television news anchorman broadcasting from Tehran. Those words sent chills of fear into the hearts of the Jewish family watching the newscast. Sarah fixed her gaze upon her husband Jacob. Then last February, Iran’s largest newspaper announced an international competition among cartoonists to mock the Holocaust as a response to the infamous Danish cartoons mocking Mohammed. “This has gone too far, said Sarah. “You’re right,” said Jacob. “We’re moving to Israel.”

There are only 30,000 Jews left in Iran, the last remains of a once large and proud ethnic community. Many Jews left for Israel in 1948, after that country became independent. Many more left for Israel after Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979. The ones who remain often side with Iran and their Palestinian allies when there is a conflict with Israel, according to a Feb. 2006 article in “BBC News.”

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Pray that God will open the eyes of Iran’s Jews so that they may see Jesus as their long awaited Messiah. May God repeal the laws that prevent the open preaching of the gospel in Iran. Pray that gospel radio broadcasts will turn many Jewish hearts to Jesus. Pray for God to protect the Jewish people in Iran during this time of increased hostilities.-WK

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