Daily Topic for October 03, 2006

Josh. 1:7-8
"Be careful to obey all the law...that you may be successful wherever you go"

The Lord’s instructions to Joshua were very clear: “Do it My way, just like I told Moses.” Hundreds of years later, Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission (now the Overseas Missionary Fellowship), likewise affirmed, “God’s work done in God’s way will not lack God’s supply.” Not only are God’s presence and power essential for success in His work, but we must also work according to God’s revealed will. It is easy to fall into the trap of substituting human wisdom and understanding for obedience to God’s Word.

Dear Lord, protect us from the temptation to try to do Your work in our own wisdom and strength. Teach us to seek Your guidance continually.

Bahai Believers in Iran

(Continued from yesterday)

Dr. Sa’eed became known as “that vile man who never ceases to invite people to accept his religion.” Several mullahs (the Muslim priests), more friendly than the others, came to warn him that others were plotting his death. Reluctantly he moved to Tehran, where for seven years he had a growing medical practice.

Some of his patients in Tehran were Kurds from his hometown of Senneh, who had vowed to kill him when he became a Christian. Now they returned to Kurdistan with unbelievable stories about the apostate doctor. “He works miracles! I was one of the men who swore to kill him, but he cured my eyes, and gave me money and clothing.”

Dr. Sa’eed was never content merely to meet physical needs but sought to minister to spiritual ones as well. 

In September 1938, when he was 75, Dr. Sa’eed decided to retire from public life. But his patients kept coming. “They come,” he wrote, “and insist, some of them from far away, and they are very ill. I cannot refuse them, but I get very tired myself.” He passed away on July 29, 1942, when he was 79 years old.

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Pray that the Lord will raise up many other Muslim-background believers to work miracles in the lives of their Muslim neighbors.-AL from Dr. Sa’eed of Iran, by Jay M. Rasooli & Cady H. Allen, Wm. Carey Library, 1957.

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