Daily Topic for September 30, 2006

Deut. 30:15
"See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction."

God had finally brought Israel back to the land promised to them in His covenant with Abraham centuries earlier. In his farewell speech, Moses made explicit the nature of the choices then available to the nation-obey God and enjoy life, or reject His command and experience destruction. The Old Testament records the result of the tragic choices Israel made. Instead of becoming heralds, they became hoarders of the knowledge and worship of Jehovah. They chose how they wanted to obey the Lord, instead of obeying everything He said.

May we, O God, understand the clear choice before us. Use us to bless the nations, especially the remaining Muslim, Hindu, tribal, and Buddhist peoples who are still without a clear understanding of Jesus Christ.

Muslim Maldivians

“Ahmad, you were found drunk twice. This is forbidden in our Muslim religion. That’s it! Two years in jail!” The gavel came down, and the Maldivian judge gave his verdict. 

The Maldives consist of over 1,000 small coral islands located in the Indian Ocean southwest of India. Most of the 300,000 Maldivians live in their capital city of Male and three other islands. The government is dedicated to improving the life of their people. Young people are encouraged to strive for higher education and are given grants to study abroad with the understanding that they will return to serve their country.

The Maldives Islamic government has also been under pressure from human rights groups to reform their legal system and stop their grossly unfair trials. The government rejects these claims. They proudly point out that Maldivians hardly ever break the laws and there are practically no murders. Their laws prohibit adultery, but they have the highest rate of divorce and remarriage in the world. Their laws forbid drinking, not attending mosque and any form of proselytizing for other religions. Christians have been jailed and deported for trying to witness in the Maldives.

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May God bring His word to Maldivian youth in other parts of the world. May there be a miraculous opening to reach the hearts of these people who are closed off from the gospel.-PD

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