Daily Topic for September 29, 2006

Deut. 1:32
"In spite of this [illustration of God's provision] you did not trust in the Lord your God."

Fear of what might happen is very often the cause of failure in our lives and ministry. Instead of believing God’s promised provision to meet our every need, we fear that in our time of real difficulty He will let us down. God’s power and love, however, cannot flow in our lives if we doubt or disobey Him. Many of us want to be used by God, even in helping to send the gospel to remote areas and distant peoples. But we are fearful. We are afraid to trust the Lord to provide all the funds and talents we need for success in the ministry.

O God, increase our faith. Make us unafraid to step out boldly and accept Your challenges.

Muslims of Sri Lanka

“How could you not recognize us in the signing of the Tsunami reconstruction agreement?” President Ibraham, representing the Muslim community on Sri Lanka, was infuriated that the Tsunami reconstruction agreement was to be signed by the Tamil Tiger rebels (enemies of the Muslims) without anyone recognizing the needs of Sri Lankan Muslims. “We are the third largest number of people in this country (population estimate is one million). If we cannot be given consideration in such a major concern as this, we cannot be expected to negotiate with the Tamil Tigers for a peace agreement!”

Tension between the Tamil Tigers (a Tamil Hindu-based guerilla group) and the Muslims has been ongoing for many years. It was accentuated in the early 1990s when Tamil Muslims from the Northern Province were forcibly evicted by the Tigers when these Hindus captured the Jaffna Peninsula. About 65,000 Muslims are currently living as refugees as a result. Though many of these Muslims are ethnically Tamil like the people we prayed for on day 26, some are from a Moorish or Malay background. Muslims and the Tigers were trying to achieve a peace agreement when the December, 2004 tsunami hit, but rivalry for aid has re-ignited tensions. It is encouraging that some Muslims are accepting Christians who have come as aid workers to help them after the tsunami.

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Pray that God will use these efforts by Christians to glorify the Name of Jesus and lead them to His mercy.-PD

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