Daily Topic for September 27, 2006

Num. 25:1-2
"...the men began to indulge in sexual immorality with Moabite women who invited them to the sacrifices of their gods."

Failure to faithfully share our spiritual blessings results in spiritual stagnation and decline, leading to outright failure. Whenever the Church has stopped reaching out to share the Good News with other cultures, it has started accepting the ungodly mindset of the world around it, and decay and perversion have resulted. Today many of our churches fear an “over-emphasis” on missions, because they think it may result in fewer resources for local ministry. But actually, when we faithfully pray, give and go with the blessing of the gospel to other peoples, God deepens our holiness and enriches and expands our local ministry.

Father, we want to be obedient to the Great Commission, and we want our local churches to grow. Give us the faith to believe that as we pray and obey, You will bless us in return.

Mapilla Muslims of Kerala, India

“You say I do good work. This is because I graduated from such a great school, Thangal College of Engineering in Kerala, and I take my Islamic belief seriously.” Abdul had just started his new job in Saudi Arabia and appreciated the words from his supervisor. “I am from the Mapilla group. We may have been the first people in India to accept Islam. Traditionally we really did not practice it seriously. Then in 1922, a group of scholars established an organization and movement called ‘Islahi’ (purify). They promoted good Islamic teaching and practices, so our people became better Muslims. Next they promoted fund raising and this was the beginning of wonderful social changes for our people. They also encouraged patriotism for India and encouraged our people to spread to other places and uphold Islamic teaching.”

It is estimated that almost 6.5 million Mapillas live throughout India, especially Kerala State, and parts of the Middle-East. Most Mapillas are strong in their Islamic faith and are often looked upon with respect. Yet they strive to glorify Islam, not Jesus Christ.

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Pray that God will lead strong biblical followers to talk to the Mapilla who are serious about seeking answers in their religious life. May they come to know Christ, who alone can change their lives for eternity. Pray that these strong Muslims will soon become ambassadors for Christ in India and the Middle East.-PD

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