Daily Topic for September 23, 2006

Lev. 26:8
"Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand."

When God promises to give His people victory over their enemies, He promises power according to the law of concerted activity. That is, when God’s people work together to do His purposes, their power is multiplied many times. How exciting it is when God uses us together to put vast enemies to flight! The global task we share-bringing the news of God’s salvation to all the families of the earth-is so great that to ensure victory the entire Church of Jesus Christ must be mobilized. Each of us has a part to play.

Dear Father, may hundreds and thousands of Your followers join together in an all-out assault to penetrate the remaining unreached people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hindu Kayastha People of India

You have heard of people who are born with a silver spoon in hand, now read about a people who, according to Hindu tradition, were born with a pen and inkpot in hand! There are over 10,000,000 Kayastha people living across north-central India. Traditionally they have been a caste of village writers and accountants. According to Hindu legend, they are descendants of Chitragupta, who was created by Brahma, the supreme and eternal essence of the universe. Chitragupta was called Kayastha (i.e., existing in the body) because he was in the body of Brahma, and had a pen and inkpot in his hand. Today, there are also a large number of Kayastha doctors, landowners, and government workers.

The Kayasthas are a highly literate people who speak either Hindi or Maithili. They hold a high social position in India. Because of their special caste status, twice each year they venerate the pen and ink in special ceremonies. They observe strict caste rules with regard to diet and association with other castes. There are no church planting activities among the Kayasthas right now, and there are very few known Kayastha Christians. The Bible is available in the Hindi language. It is not yet translated into Maithili.

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Pray that Christians in the workplace will be a light to the Kayasthas among them. Pray that the Bible will be translated into Maithili, and that the Kayastha people will eagerly read it and obey the teachings of Jesus.-JR

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