Daily Topic for September 21, 2006

Ex. 25:8
"Then have them make a sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell among them."

Through its structure and rituals, the tabernacle, the “tent of the Lord’s presence,” taught lessons about God and man, sin and salvation. One of God’s major purposes for the tabernacle (and for its replacement, the Temple) was to teach non-Jewish observers important truths about Himself. Unfortunately, Israel itself did not fully learn the lessons which the tabernacle was to teach. Though part of the Temple had been set aside for Gentiles, the children of Israel still regarded the presence of the Lord in their midst as something to be protected from outsiders, rather than shared with them.

Dear God, help Your servants in other lands today to recognize biblical truths which explain God’s love for all men. Give them insight as they seek to bring the unreached to Yourself.

Rajput People of Rajasthan

“Oh-oh,” the midwife mumbles as she delivers a healthy baby girl in northwest India. Quickly she places her hand over the tiny mouth and nose, suffocating the baby. She must be quick to avoid a severe beating if not death at the hands of the husband.

To millions of Rajput people, a baby girl represents a significant and unwelcome financial burden. Traditionally, a daughter’s dowry must be large enough to ensure marriage to a man of equal or higher social standing. Although infanticide is less common now, even today, a high percentage of female babies are declared “stillborn.”

Over 44 million Rajputs live mainly in the state of Rajasthan in northwest India. About 75 percent are Hindu and 25 percent are Muslim. Because they have a long military tradition, their main deity is Durga, a goddess of war. At the Dasara Festival, they worship weapons and horses. They also worship the sun and revere the animals and trees sacred to the Hindus.

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Pray for the Lord to raise up Hindi-speaking workers to go to Rajasthan and spread the gospel among these proud people. Pray that the Rajputs would come to know the God who loves all babies and all people equally be they male or female.-JWS

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