Daily Topic for September 19, 2006

Ex. 12:38
"Many other people went up with them as well."

Even as they left Egypt, God used the children of Abraham to bless other non-Hebrew peoples. Many chose to leave Egypt with the people of God. Many of the instructions recorded in Exodus and Leviticus make special reference to the non-Israelites, explaining how they could receive the blessings God had promised His people. Clearly, God never intended to limit the blessings of His covenant to one ethnic group. From the very beginning He intended that “all the families of the earth” would receive the blessings God wanted to give to His people.

Prevent us, O Lord, from selfishly seeing Your blessings as something rightfully ours by birth. Help us to understand that these blessings are to be shared with all the peoples of the earth.

Shi’ite Muslim Dawoodi Bohras in India

Is there anyone today who can speak for true, orthodox Islam? Most Muslims would agree that the Koran speaks for itself, and the most important thing a Muslim can do to understand their religion is to read the words of Mohammed.

But there is a group of Shi’ite Muslims who would disagree. They are members of the Dawoodi Bohra sect. Since the Bohra sects began over 800 years ago, the Dawoodi sect insisted that there was a 21st Imam who would know the truth of Allah, and he would use his spokesman to tell the others.

Surprisingly, the Dawoodi Bohras are an important trading community. Though they have regular contact with other communities, they keep their distance, even from other Muslims. The word Bohra is derived from a Gujarati word for “trade.” Though trade and business are important to them, their religious beliefs are far more important. Though tight-knit communities can be an asset for people living in large cities like Mumbai, they can also keep people from hearing the truth about Jesus.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will break through to Dawoodi leaders. Pray for these leaders to have dreams, visions and a willingness to hear God’s Word so that they can embrace Jesus as Lord.-JC

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