Daily Topic for September 18, 2006

"I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you My power and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth."

Whether hard-hearted Pharaoh repented or not, God would get great glory. Like the other nations in the ancient Near East, the Egyptians worshiped a number of “family gods.” It was natural that the Egyptian Pharaoh would regard the God of Israel as just another national god-not as the Creator of the universe and all the people in it. But God wanted all the world to know He was different. Through Pharaoh’s repentance or through the plagues, God would demonstrate His superior power over all national gods so that in all the earth all peoples would know and worship His Name.

Father, give boldness and sensitivity to missionaries who reveal Your power over the “gods” of the unreached peoples.

Muslim Rohingya People of Bangladesh and Myanmar

“Persecution follows us everywhere. We are like a worthless ball, kicked here and there.” Manima’s bony fingers pulled her black veil lower over her face. “Over a decade ago we escaped here to Bangladesh from the Buddhists and the government in Myanmar, just to the east of Bangladesh. There were over 250,000 of us who fled. And here we remain, crowded into tiny rooms in refugee camps. They are forcefully repatriating some of us because we are jailed and beaten if we say we don’t want to leave. But we are afraid and not wanted there or here, even though we thought these [Bangladeshis] would be our Muslim brothers. We have no homeland. We have no hope.”

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Pray for the persecuted and forgotten Muslim Rohingya people. Pray for a place for them to live in peace and pray that God will call willing workers to bring them the good news of Jesus, the One who loves them infinitely and wants to save them and give them abundant life. Pray that their need, which is so great, may be transformed to good by becoming an avenue of penetration of the gospel. And pray that thousands will submit to the one and only Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ, as their Savior.-PE

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