Daily Topic for September 17, 2006

Ex. 1:11
"So they put slave masters over them to oppress them with forced labor."

Before God could deliver His people into the land He had promised to Abraham, He first needed to make them willing to leave the “easy life” in Egypt. Because they apparently had not told the Egyptians about the Lord, at last a Pharaoh came to the throne who was completely ignorant of what He had done for Egypt through Joseph. Slavery under this Pharaoh led them to remember God’s covenant promises made to them so long before. Has God allowed difficulties to come into your secure lifestyle? Does He perhaps want to remind you also that He has blessed you so that you can be a blessing to all families of the earth?

God, prick the conscience of many of Your children who are too much “at ease” while others war against Satan’s forces throughout the world.

Muslim and Hindu Bengalis of India and Bangladesh

Contrasts are sharp in the Bengali-speaking part of the world. While most of the people are in an endless cycle of poverty, others are extremely wealthy. Hinduism and Islam produce strangleholds on the souls of the people, yet there are great gulps of the fresh air of the gospel being taken in hungrily in many corners of the land.

Consider a school recently started for poor children where 150 are now learning both the basics of education and the Bible; or the five villages where sewing machines have been donated and women are learning a profitable trade as they soak up the gospel. Let us not forget converts like Dimi, who baptized 70 in one year and many more the next year, after tirelessly teaching and preaching about Christ. “I tell them that Mohammed mentions Jesus 35 times in the Koran and Mohammed is only mentioned twice. I ask them ‘Who is this man Mohammed that you should believe in him when all he does is talk about Jesus?”’

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Pray for the protection of Dimi and the other missionaries who number about one for each three million souls. Pray that more Bengali New Testaments will soon be printed and distributed. And pray for a raging wildfire of the Holy Spirit to convict and draw many Bengalis to Jesus.-PE

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