Daily Topic for September 15, 2006

Gen. 26:2
"The Lord appeared to Isaac and said, 'Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land where I tell you to live.'"

Remaining in Canaan, Isaac lied to the Gentile king about his wife, just as his father had done. Because Isaac did obey the Lord by staying in Canaan during a severe famine, God greatly blessed him with herds and crops. Yet because his testimony had been damaged, the Philistines became jealous when they saw this stranger growing ever richer in their land, but never telling them why. Eventually, the Philistines became one of Israel’s most feared enemies. What would have happened if either Abraham or Isaac had shared their spiritual and earthly blessings with the Philistines?

Lord, we know that many nations today are angry with Western Christians because of our material and spiritual selfishness. Give us repentant spirits, and open our hearts to the world.

Hindu Bhojpuri People of India

We have earlier heard of India’s “Bollywood” movies; colorful, exotic and high-budgeted. They cater to India’s urban middle class, and to those who aspire to join them. Today Bollywood is getting some competition from the other end of the country in Bihar state where the 39 million Bhojpuri people live, according to a December, 2005 article in “BBC News.” Though there are 39 million Bhojpuri people, their dialect of Hindu is understood by 200 million people. Homegrown Bhojpuri films have been compared to home cooking. They are typically low budget, very profitable melodramas featuring some glamorous faces, and interesting settings.

The literacy rate is low among the Bhojpuri people. They are an agricultural society, though their farming techniques need modernization. Marriages are arranged when girls are 15. Many live in houses made from mud and sticks, thatched roofs, and dirt floors, with handmade furniture decorating their interiors. 

How can they be reached for Christ? Bhojpuri films are immensely popular! Will someone make family-oriented dramas that honor Christ to win the Bhojpuris and other Hindi-speaking peoples to Christ?

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Pray that God will raise up people with the right skills to make wholesome, Christ-honoring films to win the Bhojpuri people to put their faith in Jesus.-CH

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