Daily Topic for September 12, 2006

Gen. 19:24
"Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah-from the Lord out of the heavens."

In this story of the destruction of Sodom, we should learn from Lot, but not judge him too harshly. It is true, he had chosen to live in Sodom. We might think he should have avoided that sinfully wicked place. But perhaps the Lord intended for him to go there to be a light to the people of Sodom. Though Sodom’s citizens, an unreached people group, were lost, apparently Lot was content to let them remain so! We have no indication whatever that he was trying to teach the Sodomites about the One True God. In the end, God destroyed the entire city.

Lord, we pray for those who go by Your command into unpenetrated, unreached people groups today. Give them strength to resist the enemy and to be shining witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Ahir People of India

The old man lay dying. His mouth is held open and a basil leaf, boiled rice and milk are placed in it. A piece of gold, or coins, is also added but later removed.

A member of the Ahir caste, he worshiped many Hindu gods. He has had a good caste status because he has sold milk, and thus has a link with the sacred cow. He claims the ascetic Haridas Baba as his favorite saint. He thinks this “saint” can separate his soul from his body at will. 

One of the largest castes in Bihar State, India, Ahir members claim to be children of Lord Krishna and consider themselves superior to other Hindus. Including the Ahir people in Bihar State, there are 57 million of them living in 14 states within India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Many members of this caste eke out an existence rearing cows and buffaloes, while others in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have begun to challenge the political supremacy of the higher caste Brahmins. As far as we know in the GPD office, there are probably no more than 2,000 Christian believers among this caste.

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Pray that the God of the Impossible will very soon sweep thousands of Ahir people into His family. Pray that their spiritual eyes will be opened.-MC

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