Daily Topic for September 11, 2006

Gen. 14:18
"Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was priest of God Most High."

What a delight to Abraham to discover that the priest/king of Salem (later Jerusalem) was a worshiper of the Most High God! God had given Abraham the commission to bless all nations. Yet He Himself had already touched the heart of a Canaanite priest/king. The conversation between these two men of God confirms for us the fact that God is Lord over all of the earth (Genesis 14:19, 22) and that knowledge of Him was not confined during this era just to Abraham and his family. History is full of stories telling how people groups have responded to the gospel in amazing ways because they already had an idea of the true God deeply imbedded in their culture! But, how will they know the Lord in a life-changing way unless someone tells them?

Lord, give us hearts to pray that missionaries will find those whose hearts you have touched.

Jat People of India and Pakistan

Are the Jats the most feared people in South Asia? It is possible. They tend to be larger in stature than other people groups in that part of the world, and the fact that they own agricultural land gives them power. 

But the peoples of South Asia can also thank these competent people for the large grain harvests they have enjoyed since the Green Revolution began 35 years ago. Jats teamed up with Western scientists to multiply the amount of rice and wheat harvested to feed a Subcontinent that was once on the brink of starvation.

Others may fear the Jats because they have traditionally been a key military community in India. They are one of the three main military groups in South Asia, the others being the Gurkhas and the Rajputs.

The 30 million Jat people are divided into three religions. Those who live in Pakistan are Muslim. Those in India are either Hindu or Sikh. There are some Jats living in other parts of the world, but Jats avoid social contact with other communities. Few have been able to hear and respond to the gospel of Christ.

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Pray that God will speak directly to Jat leaders, be they Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, and that entire Jat extended families will soon embrace Christ.-KC

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