Daily Topic for September 06, 2006

Gen. 4:9
"Am I my brother's keeper?"

The first human to grow from infancy to manhood, Cain, refused to recognize his obligation to assume responsibility for his brother, Abel. Moreover, Cain murdered righteous Abel and then pretended ignorance of the crime. From the beginning of human history, sin has driven a wedge between people, twisting affections and distorting the concerns people should have for one another. In Christ men can be reconciled to God and also to one another; nevertheless, Christians can still retreat into a short-sighted selfishness that pretends ignorance of the plight of needy peoples. We have a responsibility to see that all peoples have the opportunity to know and believe the gospel. Nearly 10,000 groups are still isolated from the Good News. Are we our brothers’ keepers?

God, drive home to us our responsibility of helping others to know and respond to Christ’s offer of salvation.

Newar People of Nepal

Six-year-old Preeti knew she was no goddess, even though all of the priests at the temple told her she was divine. Often people brought her gifts, thinking she was the incarnation of Kumari, a goddess worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists. Preeti lived in a second floor room at the temple. From her window she saw girls playing in the street. Preeti wished she could join them. 

Every 13 years a newborn baby girl of the Newar people group in Nepal is chosen to be the current incarnation of the goddess Kumari. This baby girl must be perfect in form. The young girl reigns for 13 years until she begins showing signs of puberty. Then a new baby girl is chosen to take her place.

The Newar people practice a religion that combines elements of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Though there are 1,000 Christian believers among these 775,000 people, they are still considered an “unreached” people, lacking a viable cluster of witnessing fellowships.

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Ask God to empower the small Newar church to reach out in a way that honors Christ and extends His kingdom. Pray for the repeal of the laws preventing the open sharing of the gospel in Nepal, and for national believers to effectively proclaim Christ.-WK

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