Daily Topic for September 05, 2006

Gen. 3:15
"And I will put enmity between you [the serpent] and the woman...he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."

Adam and Eve succumbed to Satan’s wiles and sinned against their Creator, but God immediately spoke words of hope and restoration. In Genesis 3:15 He unveils His plan to reestablish His supremacy and to rescue people from Satan’s dominion: to destroy the authority and power of Satan (crushing the serpent’s head) through the sacrificial suffering (bruising the heel) of Eve’s descendant-the Lord Jesus Christ. On Calvary, Jesus brought this plan to victory, but today more than two billion people still do not know that Christ offers deliverance from sin, Satan, and self.

Master, we ask that every one of the earth’s peoples will soon hear this Good News in a way they can understand.

Hindu Gurkha People of Nepal

The old Gurkha soldier sat in a rocking chair in the living room of his wooden house with a satisfied smile. He gazed at the check he’d just received in the mail. The British army had sent him 10,000 pounds to compensate him for the three years he’d spent in a Japanese prison camp during World War II. He then gazed at a framed picture on a nearby table that showed his son wearing a British army uniform. In 1982 his son had helped the British drive the Argentine invaders off the Falkland Islands. Fighting for the British had become a family tradition.

For over 150 years the Gurkhas of Nepal had fought as mercenaries for Britain and India. Most Gurkhas belong to a Hindu warrior sect. Sadly the Gurkhas don’t realize they are caught in the middle of another war, between God and Satan for the souls of humanity, and that few have joined the Victorious One.

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May God raise up faithful workers to take the gospel to this people group. Pray that God will break the hold Hinduism has on the Gurkhas. Pray that followers of Jesus from a Hindu background will reach out to them as God’s ambassadors. -WK

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