Daily Topic for September 04, 2006

Gen. 2:15
"Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."

From the first day of man’s life on earth, he has worked under the demands of stewardship. Man was given certain resources in order to fulfill his responsibility to rule on behalf of his Creator. Like Adam, we are here in God’s world to do God’s work. An important part of that work is to care for His physical creation. But even more important is our responsibility to use God-given resources to further His spiritual work in the world-namely, the proclamation and demonstration of God’s rule among every one of the world’s people groups.

Heavenly Father, we acknowledge that we are stewards. Teach us to use the time, talents, and treasure You have granted us in ways that will bless all the nations.

Tibetan Buddhist Sherpa People of Nepal

“Sure, I’ll take you all the way to the Tibetan border,” replied Tenzing, as he led the Swedish missionary couple up the steep mountain trail in Nepal. The couple wore standard hiking gear and backpacks. 

With a puzzled look on his face, Tenzing asked them, “Why do you want to go to Tibet?” “To tell people about how Jesus died for their sins,” said the man. “That act proved he was God,” added his wife. Tenzing scratched his head, unable to make any sense of this. None of what they said fit in with his Buddhist upbringing.

Tenzing belonged to the Tibetan Buddhist Sherpa people group, long known for guiding foreigners up Nepal’s mountains and mountain trails. As a guide, Tenzing had plenty of contact with westerners but didn’t understand the gospel. All he knew of Christianity came from snatches of conversation he’d overheard during the many expeditions he’d led up on Nepal’s mountain trails.

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Pray that God will soon open the hearts of the Sherpas to the gospel. May God break the hold Tibetan Buddhism has on this people group. Pray for Indian Christians working in this closed country. Pray that gospel recordings and Bible portions will soon find their way into Sherpa communities.-WK

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