Daily Topic for September 03, 2006

Gen.1:10b, 31a
"And God saw that it was good.... God saw all that He had made, and it was very good."

The things God created He declared to be good. But it was not until He had created man and woman that He declared His creation to be very good. Tragically, Adam and Eve’s disobedience would later tarnish the created order and bring death to the human race. Yet the God who “worked” until creation was perfect works today to bring salvation to the peoples of the earth. He commissions His Church to herald the gospel, and He honors obedience with transformed lives.

Thank You, Lord, for making such a wonderful creation. We are grieved by the effects of sin, yet we rejoice that Your Spirit will bring wholeness to men and women from every people.

Hindu Dom People of India

(Continued from yesterday)

Jessie ached for the many orphans they saw. The Whipples decided to build an orphanage, something they had long prayed about. “I feel so helpless so often,” John Whipple complained each day when he saw people needing medical attention. One day a man came into their mission station carrying a dirty bundle. He staggered and fell, exposing an open wound out of which spilled his intestines. The man had been gored by a buffalo, then had covered his wound with straw and dirt.

A missionary nurse bent to her grim task. She cleaned the wound thoroughly with a sterile solution, replacing the intestines, then sprinkled a white powder which a pharmaceutical firm had asked her to try. They were amazed at how rapidly the man healed. It was their first use of an antibiotic!

Because of the need, it wasn’t long before they built a hospital on the mission compound at Siwait. They were overjoyed when a few months later a missionary nurse and a doctor joined their staff. Within a radius of 25 miles from the mission there were 65 village bazaars. The missionaries realized they could have “bazaar campaigns.” 

John Whipple was only 46 when he died of smallpox in 1930. But his life had been spent wisely. Because of this man many Hindus were now part of Christ’s Kingdom.

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Pray that God will make our lives count for His Kingdom.-AL from Where Flows the Ganges, by Juanita Owen, Lakeland Color Press, 1978.

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