Daily Topic for September 02, 2006

"And the earth was formless and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the deep."

This description of the primeval world is also a vivid illustration of the human situation before God intervenes in the life of an individual or an entire people group. Society and culture become mired in chaos and confusion when the living God is not honored. Only God can transform confusion into order, conflict into harmony, darkness into light. Without a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, most people of the world either merely struggle for survival or become trapped in a meaningless pursuit of “things.” About 10,000 people groups do not know the Savior who can restore them to a joyful relationship with God.

Pray for the Lord to send His light to places that now only know darkness.

Zoroastrian Parsees of India

(Continued from yesterday)

In India, John was frustrated that it took so many weary months mouthing strange sounds before he could tell the people why he had come. But he learned that “a smile is the same in all languages,” and gradually won their friendship and respect. 

Changes were also happening in their home. During their first year in India a son, Norman, was born, joined soon after by three little orphan children-Herbert, Mercy, and Florence.

It was hot-even under the shade of the mahua tree where John Whipple and his fellow missionaries had pitched their tent. They had looked for land within easy access of many small villages. But there were no fences, so they shared the property with herds of cows and buffaloes.

John and Jessie Whipple looked forward to the day when they would have their own little bungalow to shelter them from the 120-degree heat. They already had a name picked out for their home: Imangah-the Place of Faith.

Three years after arriving in India and shortly after Alice was born, the Whipples moved to Siwait. There John Whipple, newly named superintendent of the mission station, established their headquarters in the long-dreamed-of bungalow. It was a thrill to see old men as well as babies come to the Sunday School, which they started. From there the missionaries could easily evangelize the surrounding villages.-AL (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray for boldness and love for today’s missionaries in India.

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