Daily Topic for September 01, 2006

Gen. 1:1
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Genesis is called the book of beginnings. Consider what God created during that exciting week of creation: the infinite heavens, the glorious splendor of light and color, firm land, vast, restless seas, and profuse plant and animal life. Then God breathed life into His crown of creation: man. He was made in God’s own image, to have dominion in His name over all other creatures God had made. The very first verse of the Bible describes the scope of God’s interest and activity-the entire heavens and earth. Likewise, we must remember that God does not value one people group above another. He made us all, and He loves us all. God’s plan is that one day, in Christ, all peoples will be represented in the company of the redeemed.

Let it be, Lord!

Muslim Memons of India

At a revival meeting in 1901, two of John Whipple’s brothers and the girl across the street, Jessie Crouch, gave their hearts to Christ. John saw the change in their lives and longed for what they had, but did not surrender his life until later. 

His friendship with Jessie took on new meaning. She went away to Bible school, and John followed. It was there that he devoted his life to service for Christ wherever that might be. John and Jessie were married there in 1910.

For the next two years the couple did evangelistic work in and around Chicago. Because they had no salary, they faced many hardships and made many sacrifices. But God supplied their needs. Daily they prayed, asking God what He wanted them to do with their lives.

Then, during a camp meeting in 1912, the Whipples felt strangely stirred by the plea for new workers by a missionary from India. The next day the mission board approached John about going there. Could this be God’s will? Convinced after prayer that it was, they agreed and were given two weeks to get ready. In that time John was ordained and preached his farewell sermon.-AL (Continued tomorrow)

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Pray that God will help us give up our own ambitions to serve Him.

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