Daily Topic for August 31, 2006

Revelation 22:17
"Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life."

Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of that “free gift” of the water of life? It cost nothing for us, but everything for our Lord. That is the real difference between Christianity and all other faiths. The water of life is free to every repentant sinner who will bow the knee to Jesus. How the unreached Muslims, animists, Buddhists, and Hindus need to know this! But, before their hearts will open to this gospel, we must pray. As we begin to pray next month, why not recruit someone to join the army of pray-ers?

Father, help us to be faithful next month as we pray for those who need to depend on You for the water of life.

Uighur People of China and Mongolia

“Get out of this room or we will call the police, you bunch of terrorists!” The Han Chinese man stormed into the quiet prayer room where several Uighur Muslims were praying. Frightened by the threat of being arrested, the Uighurs abruptly left. Several young men pushed themselves into the room and started to drink.

China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang is the home to nine million Sunni Muslim Uighurs. These people no longer bask in the glory of their rich past and Turkish culture. Once these Turkic people were rich farmers. Today China’s government has sent in Han Chinese to farm land that once belonged to Uighurs. In order to even survive, Uighurs must now do whatever work they can find.

The Chinese government has imposed strict laws against their religious practices. They are constantly at risk of being arrested, detained, tortured, or sentenced to labor camps. The situation is somewhat better for the one million Uighurs living in Mongolia.

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Pray that the Uighur people will soon learn the true and beautiful teachings of Christ that can lead them to eternal life. Pray that they will respond to the gospel message on radio broadcasts and through believers. Pray that they will turn to Christ, the comforter of all who are afflicted.-PD

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