Daily Topic for August 29, 2006

Rev. 19:9
"Then the angel said unto me, Write: 'Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb.'"

Let us imagine a large evangelical church closing its annual missionary conference with a celebration of worship around the Lord’s table. After distributing the elements to the assembled congregation, the pastor asks, “Have all been served?” “No,” says one member, “Over two thousand tribal groups have not even been invited yet.” “There are three thousand Muslim groups who are not included,” another says. From the balcony a member calls out, “One thousand Hindu groups are not yet represented!” Yet another responds, “Three hundred Chinese nations and eight hundred Buddhist groups have not had their chance either.”

Dear Lord, use us as faithful witnesses to the ends of the earth so that no people will be excluded from the breaking of the bread.

Pray for breakthroughs in Mongolia

“Come over to Macedonia and help us” Acts 16:9

The Apostle Paul answered that call and thus began the spread of the gospel into a new area-present day Europe. God is still calling Christians to go to new places to tell unbelievers about Jesus. Mongolia is seeing this biblical pattern replicated over and over. Mongolian believers from the dominant Khalka Mongolians heard the call to share Christ with a minority tribe, the Buryats in northeastern Mongolia. Now evangelized, the Buryats want to reach their sister tribe across the border in Russia.

Leading the effort to reach the Russian Buryats is a missionary team of former Siberian convicts with murder convictions who had been saved in prison. Having been released, they formed a ministry team together, going to Mongolia’s annual mission conference to ask Mongolian Buryat believers to help them. Other Mongolian missionaries are targeting the Dongxiang people of China, descendents of wounded soldiers Genghis Khan left behind after a fierce battle. Still another missionary is going to a Mongolian people group in Afghanistan, also descendents of soldiers left behind in a Mongol invasion.

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Praise God for the explosion of the gospel in Mongolia. Pray for believers to go to every unreached Mongol group with the gospel. Pray that every impediment to the gospel will be removed, and that the gospel witness will take deep roots in formerly unreached Mongolia and beyond.-JS

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