Daily Topic for August 22, 2006

Rev. 2:4
"Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love."

These familiar words of the Lord Jesus to the church at Ephesus should serve as a strong warning to us, particularly to those of us who have known Christ for some time. It is so easy to become complacent in the Lord’s service, going through the motions but having lost the zeal and fervor which characterized our early experience with Him. Many young people can show us the way. Their earnest love for the Lord Jesus is expressed in their unreserved willingness to serve Him in the frontier missions movement, regardless of the cost. Pray for these zealous young people, many of whom are going to difficult fields of service in North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, India, China, and Southeast Asia.

Pray that their great love for Jesus will stimulate the rest of us to follow Him with our whole hearts and lives.

Nunu (Noo-noo) People of China

Have you heard of the Nunu people? God has! He knows every hair on their heads. He hears every cry of their hearts. As God’s children, shouldn’t we care about them too?

The Chinese government considers the Nunu people a part of the Bunu, whom they consider a part of the Yao nationality. That is why few people have heard of the Nunu, though they are a distinct group with their own language.

Pressure from the more powerful Han and Zhuang peoples drove the Nunu from their land into remote mountains where the soil is poor and water is scarce. The men became great hunters, but today the region hosts few animals. The women forage for edible mushrooms and vegetables. When nothing else is available, the Nunu have boiled and eaten tree bark and roots.

Their spiritual condition is even worse than their physical plight. Darkness entraps them, and there are no known Christians among the more than 50,000 Nunu people. They worship their ancestors and a false god named Pan Hu.

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Ask God to get His Word into Nunu minds either through oral communication or by a translation of the Bible. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw many Nunu people to the Father of Light.-AK

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