Daily Topic for August 19, 2006

3 Jn. 5
"Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you."

What a joy to help our friends as they go as missionaries to unreached people groups! Today a wonderful new opportunity has come to help some of the Third World missionaries reach out from their peoples and tribes to penetrate other groups. Will we be as generous with our encouragement, our prayers, and our financial support for these brothers and sisters who are strangers to us as we are to those of our own people group who are bearing the gospel? John commended Gaius for his unselfish ministry. Would he be able to commend us for the same thing?

Father, open our eyes to opportunities for us to minister to missionaries who are strangers to us as well as to those we know well.

Sogwo Arig (Sog-wo-Ah-rig) People of China

The visitor stumbled from the freezing snow pack, shivering and exhausted. Weeks of numbing, blinding snowstorms pelted him as he struggled to conquer the plateau soaring nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. “Nearly there!” he whispered to himself, grasping frozen rocks and icy branches to pull him ever upward. Nine months of snow pack, three months of sloshing, boggy mud. This is the road to Tsanggar Gonpa, the home of over 37,000 people of the Sogwo Arig tribe.

Suddenly the visitor found himself surrounded by snapping, snarling dogs! Ten of them encircled him, lunging, trained to attack any stranger approaching the village. Hearing the commotion, other packs of dogs were baying and running from every direction to join the fray. “Oh Lord,” the visitor prayed, “No wonder that not even one has heard the good news about you. Help me, Lord, please help me.”

It seems impossible that a missionary could enter into this isolated and hostile place where the yurt is home and Buddhist worship is held before a pile of yak dung. But nothing is impossible with God.

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Won’t you pray today that missionaries will be called and be so filled with faith and with the Holy Spirit that God will show them the way to reach these Mongolian Tibetan people? Pray that the principalities and powers would be bound and the Holy Spirit would be sent like a mighty wind to sweep many souls into the kingdom of Heaven.-PE

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