Daily Topic for August 18, 2006

1 Jn. 5:21
"Dear children, keep yourselves from idols."

John, the elderly apostle, reveals his pastor’s heart in his epistle. He is concerned with the sin of idolatry because he knows that God created each of us to love and worship Him only. If we do not love Him, we will love something less. Whatever it is that we love in place of God becomes god (an idol) to us. How can we maintain our love and devotion to God? According to Jesus Himself, it is by obeying His commands! One of these commands, often ignored, is to disciple the nations. As we are caught up in this great task, we are less likely to be tempted by things that could become idols to us.

Lord, help us catch the excitement and joy of being totally abandoned to Your will and Your cause. Keep our hearts from idols, we pray.

Far Eastern Broadcasting Company (FEBC) Work

Founded in Los Angeles in 1945, with the purpose of transmitting the message of Jesus Christ to unreached peoples in the Far East, FEBC broadcasts to more than 100 unreached people groups in Asia. Their ministry is very strategic; closed countries are hard pressed to keep out FEBC’s message of hope. Yet the broadcasts do face obstacles that need to be overcome.

For one, the radio stations in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia are government-controlled. Christian programs are not given airtime within these countries. FEBC broadcasts must be aired from outside these territories, and they must offer good short-wave broadcasts with good reception in order to get past this roadblock.

Secondly, when ethnic minorities do hear these gospel messages, they risk getting in trouble with their governments. They risk being punished or imprisoned for listening to God’s truth. Christians in ethnic minorities in Asia are often pressured to renounce their Christian faith and return to animism. Many of them are avid listeners to FEBC broadcasts.

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Pray that FEBC listeners from minorities that are being pressured to return to Animism will stand strong, and that the broadcasts will continue uninterrupted. Pray for FEBC Korea. There are eight stations that broadcast into South Korean cities, as well as two super-power AM stations that broadcast into North Korea. Pray that the gospel message will be clear and compelling. FEBC workers ask us to pray for good short-wave reception in countries where radio broadcasting is otherwise impossible.-JR

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