Daily Topic for August 11, 2006

1 Pet. 1:11
"The Spirit of Christ in them...predicted the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow."

An important principle often observed in God’s Word is the relationship between suffering and glory; the two appear to be inseparable. Peter’s first epistle highlights this theme, and Paul elsewhere speaks of our “light, momentary affliction producing an eternal weight of glory.” We want to help disciple all the nations. But we must understand that this will come only as many are willing to sacrifice and suffer. Frontier missionaries must go to new fields, and zealous laymen must send, pray, and give of their funds. Oh the glory, when we see new believers joining the company of the redeemed!

Father, lead us through suffering into wonderful glory.

Muslims of Hong Kong

Violence erupted throughout the world concerning some inflammatory cartoons about the prophet of Islam, Mohammed. The cartoons, which were originally printed in a Danish newspaper in September of 2005, didn’t come to the world’s attention until February of this year.

The Muslims of Hong Kong were peaceful throughout the ordeal, even those who protested. Protesters held signs that read, “Don’t abuse freedom of speech. We condemn free speech that hurts other people’s feelings…. We are also against slandering our prophet.” Another Muslim commented, “Violence is no good. ... Muslims never do violence, and if they do, they are misusing Islam.”

Most of the 104,000 Muslims of Hong Kong are Hui Muslims, though some are ethnic Malays, Arabs, Pakistanis, or Indonesians. They live in a part of the world where the gospel is available, since Hong Kong was allowed more religious freedom than the rest of China when they joined the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1997. Yet the Muslims are not open to the gospel. Could part of the problem be lack of tact on the part of Westerners?

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Pray that God will raise up loving ambassadors for Christ to reach out to Hong Kong’s Muslims. Pray that they will soon know that Jesus is more than a prophet.-CI

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