Daily Topic for July 29, 2006

Heb. 4:11
"Let us therefore make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall..."

What a beautiful paradox: “make every effort to enter that rest.” This verse simply summarizes the biblical balance between resting in God’s work and striving to accomplish God’s purposes. Any effort which is not based on a reliance on God’s work is vain and futile. Yet at the same time, we must not sit back complacently because of what God has already accomplished by creation and redemption. We must diligently labor while placing our confidence in God’s power working in and through us to accomplish the task before us.

Dear Father, lead us to work faithfully in prayer and in evangelizing the unreached, and to rest in the confidence that You will complete Your work.

Southern Thai

It has been said that with such a religious battle between Islam and Buddhism for the hearts of the Southern Thai, it is not surprising that Christianity has failed to make much of an impact among them. But if people only had a chance to hear of the love offered by the Prince of Peace, what an impact He could have!

Both Buddhism and Islam appear to have arrived in Southern Thailand during the 13th century. The majority of the 6,000,000 Southern Thai people, are Theravada Buddhist, resulting from the work of Buddhist missionaries from Sri Lanka. Like the other Thai peoples, they mix folk religion with Buddhism. About 1,500,000 of the Southern Thai are Sunni Muslims. The strong Islamic influence comes from Malaysia and from the Pattani Malays who live alongside the Southern Thais.

Short in stature with black hair, Southern Thai are more likely to tell you what they really think rather than leaving you guessing. They live in a total of 14 provinces in South Thailand that borders Malaysia.

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Pray that the gospel will reach the Southern Thais through Bible translations, radio broadcasts and other Christian resources. Pray that the current strife in their land will give them a hunger for the Prince of Peace.-PS

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