Daily Topic for July 27, 2006

Heb. 2:8-9
"In putting everything under Christ, God left nothing that is not subject to Him. Yet at present, we do not see everything subject to Him. But we see Jesus..."

“God left nothing that is not subject to Him (Jesus).” That is the goal, the way things will be, both in our own lives and in the whole world. “Yet at present, we do not see everything subject to Him.” That is the situation now. Our task, then, is to move from the present situation to the goal. Our work is to proclaim the message of Christ so that some from every nation are persuaded to become His disciples and responsible members of His Church. In this way many who are not yet subject to Him will voluntarily bow the knee before the day He returns to reign uncontested.

King Jesus, we bow in adoration! Reign over the nations in power and glory.

Northern Thai People

Despite much faithful mission work in northern Thailand, Buddhism, mixed with animistic rites, rules the lives of six-and-a-half million Northern Thai people. Their Buddhist beliefs deceive them, since they believe in reincarnation rather than a resurrection. Their animistic beliefs cause needless fear, since they believe spirits surround them and can cause them harm. They do not know that Jesus can be their protector if they just call out to Him. 

The Bible, JESUS Film, Gospel Recordings, and Christian radio broadcasts are all available to the Northern Thai people in their own dialect. Missionaries have lived in their area for about 150 years. Since many of the nearby tribal people have responded to the gospel, missionaries have focused on them, and neglected the Northern Thai people. Prayer can produce an eternal hope in their hearts.

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Pray that the Northern Thai people will see their need for a Savior, and embrace Jesus as their messiah. Ask God to open their spiritual eyes to the gospel’s liberating truths, and turn away from false gods. Pray that God will send abundant laborers who walk as Jesus walked to the Northern Thai people. Pray that their hearts will overflow with faith and hope in Christ alone.-AK

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