Daily Topic for July 23, 2006

2 Tim. 3:15
"...and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus."

Have you considered what it might be like for the thousands of peoples in today’s world who do not have the Bible in their own languages? Think of the help and comfort you receive daily from God’s Word-to say nothing of the most basic knowledge of new life in Jesus Christ. Pray today for those who are struggling to make God’s Word clear and understandable in people groups where the knowledge of Christ has not broken through.

Pray that God will provide His Word for those who have never heard by using you in praying, giving, sending, or going!

Gelao People

Over 1,500 Gelao people live in northern Vietnam, just south of the Chinese border. The word “Gelao” means “bamboo” as well as “human beings.” Why are these people associated with bamboo? Ancestors of the Gelao people are believed to have been part of the ancient Liao race that established the Yelang Kingdom in Guizhou, China over 2,000 years ago. A popular folktale explained that the King of Yelang was born from bamboo; hence the whole group came to be known as Gelao.

The religion of the Gelao people is a mixture of ancestor worship, animism and polytheism. They worship the spirit of the rice paddy and the spirit that protects their animals. There are no known Christians among the Gelao people in Vietnam. Missionaries in China translated portions of the Scriptures into Gelao in 1937, but the script is now obsolete and the booklets are out of print. The JESUS Film has not yet been translated into Gelao, and there are no Christian radio or gospel recordings in their language.

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Pray that these resources will soon be available to them. Ask God to reveal Himself to them in meaningful ways. Pray that the Lord will provide missionaries to bring the gospel to the Gelao people. Pray that many among the Gelaos would become believers and missionaries to their own people.-JWS

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