Daily Topic for July 09, 2006

1 Tim. 1:15
"Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners."

Why did Jesus come? Over and over again the gospel record clearly says that Jesus came into the world with one central purpose: to minister and to give His life as a ransom for many. He did not come for the religious or the (self) righteous, but for those who were and are aware of their own spiritual need. Our role is to take this “good news” to those who have had no opportunity to hear.

Pray that God will use us today, this week, and this month to share this “good news.”

Folk Islamic Magindanao People of the Philippines

Her mother turned Kahlia’s head away from staring at the cross atop the massive steeple in the city of Manila. Nine-year-old Kahlia had never seen a cross in the rural low-land home of her people, the Magindanao, but her father, like many others, emigrated to the city to escape the violence and fear that characterized their lives. Kahlia knew only a form of Islam diluted by animism, magic and devotion to spirits. But here in the city, her brothers attend madrazah and their Islamic beliefs are stiffening. She remembered two people who lived in her old village who loved the cross. For reasons she did not understand, these people were threatened and marginalized. 

While the Magindanao people as a whole are bound and blinded by Islam, there have been some encouraging developments in the rural areas where the people are not as rigidly Muslim. There are now probably about 40 scattered believers, but they live amid continual danger and hostility.

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Praise God for these 40 believers and pray for their safety, strength and power to withstand the intense pressure to return to Islam. Pray against the spirit of fear that has paralyzed the neighboring churches and has prevented outreach. Pray that the Holy Spirit will remove the veil that covers the spiritual eyes of the Magindanao and that Jesus Christ will be revealed in a sweeping and powerful way.-PE

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