Daily Topic for July 02, 2006

1 Thessalonians 1:8
"The Lord's message rang out from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia-your faith in God has become known everywhere."

One of the first signs that a church has indeed responded in obedience to the gospel of Christ is the witness the groups begin to exercise toward others, first among their own people, and then in other people groups. Missionaries today tell story after story about those who have just begun to grow in their new-found faith already expressing a deep concern for the fate of their Christless neighbors-often their former enemies.

Pray for the peoples just responding to the gospel -that the Word of the Lord will “ring out” from them.

Fruit from C & MA Work in Indonesia

(Continued from yesterday) On a shift in the packing plant where he worked, Paul Fleming saw a man checking boxes who had a reputation as a “no account.” The thought came to him, “This man is a perfect picture of the way I am going to turn out to be…. I have nothing to live for…. I’m going to let the Lord have my life.” Paul promised the Lord he would be preaching the gospel on the mission field before that time next year. A few days later, driving with his fianceť, Cherrill Harter, he pointed toward the Golden Gate Bridge and said, “Before the year is out, we will be sailing through that Golden Gate,” They were married and left for the mission field in 1937. They planned to go to Sumatra, Indonesia.

But when they arrived in Singapore, Paul met Dr. Robert A. Jaffray, a missionary statesman with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C & MA), who said he could not rest until he had made every effort to go where the gospel had not been preached. Carrying this burden, Paul and Cherrill went instead to the unreached areas of British Malaya.

Converts were won and a small Bible school started. It was reported that Paul Fleming must have won 3,000 souls to Christ in the three years he was in British Malaya. 

Illness, however, stopped their work. The Flemings returned to the States and discovered that Paul had been poisoned by his malaria medication. The doctors expected him to die, and Paul was nearly crushed to think that his service for God was over.-AL

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Pray for God’s healing touch on missionaries who are stricken on the field. (Continued tomorrow)

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